2018 Season

Hey all,

After about 6 months off and away from the sport, I am back and ready to get after it. I was mentally and physically burnt out after Ironman Arizona last year. I took time off and then trained a little here and there for a couple months. I got back into decent shape for Rocky Point Tri in April and then hit a wall in terms of motivation. I needed time away from the sport. Whether you are new to the sport or have been doing it for 10 years, make sure you take time days off every once in awhile, as well as a long off season break. I think these breaks will help keep you fresh and also allow time for other areas of your life like family, work, etc. Don’t make the same mistake I did by going all in, all the time, until you can’t go anymore. You will break down. It is not sustainable to train like a hero all year long. For 2018 I have some ideas about where I’d like to race but nothing is set in stone. I renewed my pro license and am ready to get back at it. I have my sights set on St. George 70.3, Ironman Boulder, Santa Cruz 70.3 and possibly Ironman Arizona next fall. I need to give the Ironman distance another shot and see if I can execute a good race.

Until the season gets closer, I will be doing lots of base training with friends to keep it social and enjoyable. I recommend this to anyone during this time of year because the long miles can be boring without any intensity. I also plan to focus heavily on my strength training. The value of strength training for any athlete is huge. I will be doing strength and power focused weight lifting. This means low reps, high weight to develop strength and low reps, moderate weight as explosively as possible to develop power. This means lots of squats, deadlifts, bench, RDLs, lunges, power cleans, and snatches. Snatch is a new movement that I will be doing that I have worked extremely hard to execute.  Not only does it require a great amount of strength, mobility is essential for this movement. I spent weeks focusing on range of motion in my shoulders as well doing overhead exercises with just the barbell. I look forward to implementing strength training into my periodization and getting faster and stronger for 2018.

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