Spring Break Training Camp

Spring Break Training Camp

Last week I had my last spring break ever.  Crazy how time flies and that I will be graduating from TCU in just 7 weeks.  Because I got a full week off of school, I decided to spend it at home in Phoenix, Arizona and make it into a little training camp.  I didn’t have many obligations other than a dentist appointment and a couple job interviews, so I was really able to maximize my schedule and train like a real full time professional triathlete.

I arrived on a Friday night and then my training camp started first thing Saturday morning.

Day 1:

I started with a 3 hour ride including an hour climb TT.  I just did circles of this small little loop by the McDowell Mountain range with some good climbing.  I tried to just hold goal 70.3 watts.  After that, I ran off the bike as 30 min steady and then 15 min just relax jog.

Day 2:

I started my day with a 15 miles run just cruise.  I got on the bike later that afternoon and met up with one of my friends, Patrick Haenel, who joined me for warm up before I got into my main set of 45 min steady state (just below 70.3 effort) and then 6×1 min hard, 1 min easy.  I managed to get in around 50 miles so I was pretty happy considering the long run that morning. I also stopped for a Coke at my girlfriend’s (Alyssa) house.


Cures all bonks.

Day 3:

Swam in the morning doing one hard pace workout.  The set is 6x(4×50, 200) all at goal 1500m race pace.  I did them on a 1:20 base.  The set is a lot harder than it looks on paper.  Swim ended up being 4700 yards.  Then I went grocery shopping with mom to load up on fuel and then I rode another 40 miles that afternoon.


Loading up on fuel.

Day 4:

Day 4 was probably one of my harder days.  I am really lucky to have the Arizona Canal system right behind my parents house.  I started the day with a run in which I warmed up for 15 minutes, then 15 minutes at goal 70.3 effort so around 5:40-5:45 pace.  Then I had a 5 min jog to get from the canal to the track.  I did this all on the canal towards Arcadia high school track, where my sister Keely went to high school.  Once I got to the track, I got into 20x400m at 10k pace with 1 min rest after each one.  I was really dialed in and the times were consistent throughout the whole workout.  I even did a 1:09 on my last one! I then jogged home easy wrapping up a 13 miles. I did an easy ride for about 75 min just flushing the lactate out which felt good after that run.  Later on in the afternoon I swam 4200 yards with my main set being 5x(300 cruise, 3×100 at 70.3 effort).  Needless to say I ate a lot that night!

Track Tuesday March 8, 2016

Dropping 400s like it was my job!

Arcadia High School track, Phoenix, AZ

Running in circles at Arcadia Track.

Day 5:

Fatigue started settling in today but it wouldn’t stop me from logging the work.  I started my day with a 100 mile ride way out to Rio Verde, AZ and back through Fountain Hills.  I had 4×30 min at 70.3 effort and from the first interval I knew my watts would be low that day.  Instead of chasing watts I just rode by feel and tried not to worry about the numbers.  The ride ended up going well and I got home in just under 5 hours. Off the bike I ran 20 minutes at what would be nice Ironman marathon pace but we will see one day 😉

How I felt running off the bike.

How I felt running off the bike.

Then I fueled up on some turkey lasagna that my mom made.  I even put away a pan of brownies.  I went to my old stretch therapist Crystal around lunch time because I was feeling beat up.  She is amazing at what she does.  She specializes in deep fascia tissue stretching.  If you are ever in AZ and need a stretch I recommend finding her!  After that, I went to the pool to swim really quickly before meeting my family for dinner.  I ended up just doing 4k yards with a 600 warm up and then 17×200 with some swimming and pulling mixed in.  My legs were not agreeing so I had my best friend the pull buoy to help.


Dennis Green’s famous quote after losing to the Chicago Bears really applied to my legs during that swim.

I finished the day with some Mexican food with the family.  I pretty much ate everything they couldn’t finish!

Day 6:

I woke up early and got in a 2 hour ride just easy to recover my legs from the day before.  Then I ate breakfast and headed over to Alyssa’s house to borrow her parents car to drive up to Flagstaff, AZ.  Alyssa attends Northern Arizona University and would be starting spring break the next day.  She needed a ride home so I decided to drive up, do some training and then drive back to Phoenix the next day.  Later that evening while she went to class I ran an easy 10 miles just exploring through Flagstaff.  Pretty amazing how you can just find a trail in no time at all.  I was surprised that the altitude didn’t really bother me much.  Flagstaff sits at 7,000ft for the most part.  After that, Alyssa and I went to the student union where I ate probably 5 plates full of food!  Man, I miss unlimited food on campus.

Day 7:

While in Flagstaff, I did a 12 mile run at Buffalo Park, a famous 2 mile looped trail where some of the Hoka Elite runners train.  It worked out perfectly because Alyssa was in class and I was able to run.  Again, the altitude didn’t bother me at all.  My heart rate and pace were pretty standard for a long run.  I found this strange, especially considering how many miles my legs had in them at that point.  We drove down back to Phoenix and I got home and just passed out.  I was tired!  I woke up and then went to the pool for the last swim of the week.  It was a fun 5500 yards with the main set being 10×500 🙂 Pretty boring if you ask me but I was happy to get it done.  I went to bed early that night after a big meal of fish, veggies, and rice that my dad made.


Buffalo Park Flagstaff, AZ

Day 8:

Final day!  My flight back to Fort Worth was later that afternoon so it allowed for a solid morning before packing up and departing.  The morning was a true test of my mental ability more than my physical fitness.  I had a hard bike run brick session.  The ride was a 30 min warm up and then 6×3 min big gear hard, with equal rest.  Then I did a 30 min TT at whatever I had left in my legs.  The watts were good and it ended up being a successful ride.  Then I got into my run off the bike that I did on the canal.  The workout was 3 min easy right into 6×1 mile repeats at goal 70.3 pace with 2 min standing rest in between.  I ran very well and was pumped to cap off a huge week with the times I was hitting.  I felt great about what I had done in the past 8 days and it gave me some real confidence moving forward.  After my workouts I went to brunch at Alyssa’s and had a good egg dish that her mom made along with a cinnamon bun.  I definitely earned it.  I was tired to pack up my bike but luckily I was able to pass out on the flight home 🙂

In total the “week” or 8 days was my biggest week to date totaling just over 30 hours.

The numbers:

Swim – 18,400 yards, 4 hours

Bike – 360 miles, just under 18 hours

Run – 67 miles, 8 hours

I was pretty fatigued after this and got a couple days off and then some easy days before getting back into things this weekend.  Only a couple more weeks until my first race of the year and then my professional debut the following weekend!

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