2015 – A Year In Review

2015 – A Year In Review

Even though I am a firm believer in the philosophy of quality > quantity and big volume isn’t always indicative of better performance, it was certainly cool to look in my TrainingPeaks log and see the totals for the year…I think I rode, ran, and swam more than I drove my car this year.  And that was with two trips driving to and from Fort Worth, TX to Phoenix, AZ!

A look at the numbers

600+ hours

4,000 cycling miles

1,350 running miles

686,600 yards or 390 miles swimming

10 races

3 first place finishes

Top overall amateur at the only Half Ironman 70.3 I entered. Turned pro!

Looking ahead into 2016

One more semester before obtaining my BS in Kinesiology from TCU.

I competed in a variety of distances this year and I seem to do better as the distance increases, but I still have my sights set on doing well at Collegiate Nationals in the Olympic distance race.  I still have some more goal setting to do, as well as finalizing my race schedule.

In another week I will be on a new bike for 2016, the Ventum One.  It will be built with a custom fit and then I’ll be in the wind tunnel late next week.  Pictures and blog post to come!  Thanks to Aaron at Ride Faster for working with me on this.

I have also begun relationships with some sponsors.  Thank you to Kiwami, Ventum, Xterra Wetsuits, Alto Cycling and Honey Stinger for providing me with some of the essentials for my first year as a professional.  I will be training hard to do well in my rookie pro season.  Also, a huge thanks for the continued support from my coach Brent Poulsen, at Revolution Multisport.  Last but not least, thank you to my parents for supporting me in my journey.

Until next time!

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