Race Day Nutrition

Race Day Nutrition

Here is a breakdown of what I normally use for my race day nutrition.  Keep in mind that everyone has different needs.  I tend to need more calories than most.

Always make sure you practice something new or different in training before ever using it during a race.


Pre-race breakfast for all distances:

1 banana

A tablespoon of peanut butter (I like Smart Balance).  Half or whole bagel, depending how I feel.

2 packets of Quaker maple brown sugar Oatmeal.

Sip on 1 bottle of Powerbar Perform.


Nutrition for a Sprint Distance Race:

1 Powerbar power gel, pre-swim

1 bottle of Powerbar Perform on the bike.

1 gel on the bike if I feel like I need it


Nutrition for an Olympic Distance Race:

1 Powerbar power gel, pre-swim

2 bottles on the bike – 1 bottle of water, plus 1 bottle heavy mix with Powerbar Perform, approx. 3-4 scoops

2 Powerbar power gels on bike – 1 about half way, 12 miles in, and one around 20-22 miles into the bike

1 Powerbar gel on the run, and, at the aid stations, alternating water and Gatorade (as needed)


Nutrition for a Half Ironman 70.3:

1 Powerbar power gel, pre-swim

AT LEAST 4 bottles during the bike, alternating a preloaded Powerbar Perform, and a Water, then Water & Gatorade (or whatever electrolyte they have on course) from the aid stations

4-5 Powerbar power gels – 1 every half hour, with water chasers

3 Powerbar power gels on the run, 1 gel every 3 miles, hitting aid stations to alternate water, Gatorade, Coke and/or Red Bull on last 3-4 miles

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