4/25/15 USAT Collegiate Nationals: bummer weather & cramps

The race I had been focusing on for a year had finally arrived, USAT Collegiate Nationals, but with heavy rain.  It was beautiful up to through the day before, and on the day after the race, but race day was pouring rain and cold as heck.  It was so bad my parents, who traveled to Clemson, SC, to watch me, had to sit in the car during the bike leg.

The cold got to me on the bike and caused me to cramp up.  My right hamstring was so tight I could not pedal with that leg for the last mile of the bike ride, and I could barely push the bike into T2.  At least once I was off the bike I could stretch.  Instead of a taking a DNF, I shook it off and ending up running a solid 10K to a 35:21 (5:41 pace).  My overall time was a 1:59:45, for 48th place out of 1,128, so at least I was under 2 hours, but very disappointed in the day.  Collegiate Nationals is a fast field.  Many of the guys that race here and place well are already pros.  The top 2, Rudy Van Berg and Jason West, finished under 1:50.

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