4/5/14 USAT Olympic Collegiate Nationals

This was my second time racing Collegiate Nationals, and again, it was great to sleep in my own bed, as the race was in Tempe, AZ for the second year in a row.

This year as president of the TCU Tri Frogs, I coaxed four teammates into making the trip and competing.  We all stayed at our home, where Mom and Dad cooked for us, and did all the driving. Dad was even one of the bike mechanics, helping us all put our bikes together out of the boxes.

I entered both the Draft Legal Sprint and the Olympic race, on consecutive days.

In the Olympic, I got a poor start in a crowded wave, ending with a 19:06, 26th for the day.

T1 was fine and smooth at 1:13.

My bike leg was a 56:25,which sounds fast, but the course was not a full 40K.  I was just 113th out of the 1,100 athlete field, averaging 23.8 mph.  The course has hills and many, many turns, reducing average speeds.  With multiple laps, it also got very crowded on Tempe’s streets, and I often had to slow down for slower riders in my way.

Unfortunately, during one of the crowded times, I was penalized 2:00 for drafting.  I did not think it was fair, but there was no chance of getting the call overturned.  A lot of penalties were imposed during this race.

T2 was just 1:10, but the fastest guys managed almost 20 seconds less.

My run split was a 38:21, not my best, and only a rank of 113th.  My legs felt tired from the previous day’s Sprint race.  I decided I would not do back to back races like that again, prior to a more important Olympic race.

Overall, with a decent swim, I placed 78th.  My nominal time was a 1:56 (short course) plus 2:00 for the penalty.

I look forward to Collegiate Nationals two more times before graduating.


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