4/4/14 USAT Sprint Collegiate Nationals

This was my second time racing Collegiate Nationals, and again, it was great to sleep in my own bed, as the race was in Tempe, AZ for the second year in a row.

This year as president of the TCU Tri Frogs, I coaxed four teammates into making the trip and competing.  We all stayed at our home, where Mom and Dad cooked for us, and did all the driving. Dad was even one of the bike mechanics, helping us all put our bikes together out of the boxes.

I entered both the Draft Legal Sprint and the Olympic race, on consecutive days.

I had never raced a drat legal event before, and did not know how to race it.  Even though I am a solid swimmer, and could have made it with the first group out of the water, this was the roughest swim start I’ve ever experienced.  At one point I was pulling one some dude’s shoulder.  Usually the swim start can be violent when the first turn buoy is close.  This causes a bottle neck sort of effect.  I ended up missing out on the lead pack exiting T1.  My rank was 15th, and I probably needed to be Top 5.  No chance after that miscue.  I got on my bike and there were some people around me but no one wanted to work together.  I ended up doing a lot of work up front with one other guy but it was very disorganized to say the least.  It was obvious not many people were used to riding in groups.

My 32 minute bike split was not bad considering the lack of fluidity among my dysfunctional group and I averaged just 23.8 mph, but we lost a bunch of time to the lead group.  My place rank on the bike was 44th out of 120 (M & W).

Racked my bike and put shoes on.

My run was relatively worse than the bike, and my legs were a bit shocked from the effort on the bike.  I did an 18:36, at pace of 5:59/mile, which doesn’t cut it when the top guys are under 5:00 pace.

Overall, I did a 1:01:58 for 41st place.

I did not realize it at the time, but despite getting my nerves relaxed by this before the next day’s Olympic race, I had exerted myself sufficiently to not have fresh legs in the morning.

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