6/1/13 Deuces Wild Olympic, Show Low, AZ

Deuces Wild is an Olympic race, with sprint and double Olympic distances offered, in the scenic high altitude town of Show Low, Arizona.  The town got its unusual name as a result of a card game, in which the winner was whoever drew low card in cutting the deck.  That card proved to be a Deuce of Clubs, now the mane of the main street through town.

With the race at an elevation of 6.400 feet, I didn’t know how much the thin air would reduce my energy levels through the race.  The competition was mix of faces I recognized from the Tempe International events, plus a bunch of new personalities, with a sprinkling of pros.

My new friend, Dmitry Baer, who I met at a Tempe International race, drove up with us to Show Low and stayed in my room at the hotel.  He was good company for me and my parents.  Dmitri would win his age group in Ironman Arizona in a few months, and get a slot for Kona.

Dmitry and I led the swim, along with a 46 year old named, Cam Hill, coming in just under 20 minutes.

Our bike splits were not the fastest, and our runs, just so so.  I faded to 4th overall and Dmitri was 10th.  My time was 2:06:59.

Josh McAdam’s a strong cyclist, from near Lakeside, AZ, was just ahead of me.  Lewis Elliott, a familiar Phoenix area pro took first with a 2:01.  Cam Hill was second.


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