4/12/13 USAT Collegiate Nationals

4/12/13 USAT Collegiate Nationals

My first Collegiate Nationals!  This is a really fun event, because there is only one age group:  college.  Everyone is about the same age, and everyone is wearing team apparel, and there are a lot of teams.  The atmosphere has more energy than any other triathlon in the US.  There is no prize money.  It is all for personal and school pride.

I was a freshman at TCU, and nobody on our club team was interested in going, so I entered myself and went alone.  The huge advantage was the race venue in Tempe, just 15 minutes from my home.

Wearing my race belt like a gansta

Wearing my race belt like a gangsta

Collegiate Nationals would be one of the bigger fields I had competed with, too, including 1,000 men in the Olympic race.  I was in the third wave, and got battered and shove all the way to the first buoy.  Many in my wave cut the course inside that first buoy.  It was pandemonium and I did not have a very good swim, 20:18, and ranking 46th.

The bike course is short, but has a ton of sharp corners, requiring a lot of braking and accelerating.  The run was modest, ranking 247th, at a 6:47 pace.  My overall time was a 2:03, and 127th place, not even in the top 10%.  A tougher field than I was used to!

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